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Ever since I moved to Skye I have had a strong urge to craft, probably because there is inspiration around every corner, no matter what season it is. As the name suggests I live in Harlosh, a fantastic bit of Skye, and it is from here that I also run the Isle of Skye Fudge Company.


I spin fleeces from sheep residing in Harlosh, I then knit various items from the spun yarn including really cosy socks.

I produce hand-drawn mugs,cross-stitch cards and painted stones all of my own design.


Below are a few of my creations so far, so please have a look. I also have a page on Facebook


Due to the prediction that the 2022 season will be very busy I have made the decision to shut the Made in Harlosh shop next year. This is so I can concentrate on the Isle of Skye Fudge Company. I also hope that it will give me time to create new items and spin some more yarn.